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Other Side of the "audiotape story"

While the author of that story prepared a one sided report without my input, I'm obliged to publish my other side of the story.  


It was suggested in letter to editor of the Pacifica Tribune that my campaign endorsed the Fix Pacifica website and specifcally the anonymous attacks on the late Jim Vreeland.  As Jim Vreeland strongly supported my appointment to the Economic Development Committee, and strongly supported THE Economic Development Committee, I was deeply offended.  Just a few weeks earlier, I had attended Jim's moving memorial and swim-out at Linda Mar Beach.  Had she returned my call, I wished to inform her of Vreeland's strong support of me in 2012, and the very tangible evidence I have of that, with hope she would redact part of the letter.  


There were no economic damages because I was going to not take the council salary.  There was no threat, because there was nothing to sue for or about.  The attorney suggested I talk to her, perhaps my message could have been better worded.   I concede It could be argued as a threat by some, and extension of an olive branch by others.  By the end of October, people had already made up their minds,  none of my endorsers, campaign contributors publicly came out against me as a result, or wanted their money back....Noone can answer the question how much it mattered, if it did at all.


My campaign materials all pointed to "" and not "".  A candidate must accept that everything about them may be put under the microscope if they run for office.  Using "Fix Pacifica" as a campaign slogan was definitely a miscalculation.  


I am a community oriented person, volunteering for several community organizations over the last few years.  Neither the Letter writer to the Editor of the Pacifica Tribune, or the blog story author know me very well.   I had just assisted his daughter with her high school journalism assignment on the election, and in the peaking excitement of the election, he did not give me a chance to have a say on his article including sound link.  I don't blame him though, because as a passionate and shrewd supporter of the candidates he was supporting, just days before the election, who would not use such a treasure as my voice mail?  I had a well financed campaign supported by business interests that was very visible with campaign signs in very prominent locations.   Only John Keener and I were really out campaigning door to door.  People who know me well or better than my adversaries could tell them that had I really had any editorial control of the Fix Pacifica blog, I would not have allowed those negative and hateful words against Mr. Vreeland be posted in the first place.  I concede that the letter in riptide from anonymous poster "Ape vs. Ape" asked the right questions about the candidates and the "Fix Pacifica" blog, but unfortunately for me, I did not have the time to answer it, I was too busy campaigning and felt my time was too short to compose a response, that ultimately would have been torn apart anyway.  Subsequently, the letter to the editor of the Pacifica Tribune became "locked and loaded".


The key issue of the election was Highway Widening.  I tried to play the middle ground. My background in real estate development, my former employment with City of Daly City and other factors were great fodder for those supporting candidates against Highway Widening.   I campaigned primariliy on other issues, which did not resonate as strongly with the voters as the graphic campaign card showing the bottleneck, that really crystallized the palette of candidates running in a way that no other issue could.  When all was said and done, the blog article author, regarding my response to the Pacifica Environmental Friends questionnaire that my lukewarm support of highway widening was "hardly a ringing endorsement".


The chips fell as they did, and I came in 300 votes behind Eric Ruchames.   If you want to talk about threats, I was threatened by one of the council members when I first put up my 2014 campaign website in early 2013.   Strange anonymous letters trying to smear me were sent around town.   Someone said, "You better be careful".   Sometimes winning is not everything.   Sometimes losing is winning and as someone once told me karma is a bitch when it bites your ass.  I opposed Measure V, and perhaps my running in 2014 kept Eric Ruchames off, who the wunderkind who said, "You better be careful" was strongly supporting in 2014.  In these senses, my defeat is at the same time my victory.  


Where 2012 was a fun election season for me, 2014 was brutal.  In the middle of it, my high school friend died of cancer, leaving behind his wife and children.  I hope to continue being politically active in Pacifica, opposing new taxes, like Measure V, either behind the scenes, or up front again as a candidate.    Everyone I meet says "Try Again" and "Cal Hinton ran 7 times before he won".   I congratulated John Keener, Sue Digre and Mike O'Neill, I wished them luck and hope to be helpful where we have common ground.



Victor Spano

Victor Spano:

Defense against Ian Butler's Pacifica Riptide Piece

and BJ Nathanson's October LTE regarding "Fix Pacifica" and anon Vreeland attacks

January 2015 - Post Election

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6/3/2016....News of Note:  Victor will not be running for Pacifica City Council in 2016.